That day Zach Hine went out for a routine walk with his dogs. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary until the dogs suddenly ran away. Before Hine knew it, the dogs were back but not alone.

The dog helped the kitten to make it to  Zach. Source: pets.mail

A tiny abandoned kitten was walking next to the huge dogs. Every time the baby stopped, so did the dogs. They wouldn't go further without the little one and eventually brought the kitten home so Hine had to take in one more pet.

The pets immediately started taking care of the little kitten. Source: pets.mail

The man took the kitten in his arms and examined it. The kitten was tiny, one month old at most. Zach decided to keep the baby and not to look for new owners, because his dogs had got used to the baby in such a short time.

Now the baby has a forever home. Source: pets.mail

Now the kitten lives under the protection of her two big brothers, who take care of her and never leave her side.

How many pets do you have?

Source: pets.mail

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