Mallorie Steiner, 12, was playing in her backyard in Royalton, when she saw a dark-colored SUV pull up and a black trash bag fly out its window. From the outside it looked like a garbage dump, but then something strange happened.

"The bag started moving in the middle of the road," the girl told the local newspaper. She instantly guessed that there was a living creature inside the bag, and unfortunately not in the best condition. "I could see it was struggling to get out. It was horrible."

The girl quickly started to tear the bag open. Then she saw the elderly dog inside in an extremely poor condition.

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As soon as Mallorie removed the plastic bag from the poor creature, she immediately reported him to a local animal rescue. "It's horrible," Mallorie's mother commented. "It breaks my heart that someone is capable of such cruelty."

The pug named Teddy was picked up by animal rescuers. Unfortunately, it was then discovered that his condition was worse than previously considered.

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Besides starvation and dehydration, the pug's overall condition was almost critical. His entire body was covered in scabies, he had a spinal injury, a broken tail, infected ears, sore teeth, dry eyes, and partial failure of both kidneys. The good news was that the vets found no signs of cancer in him.

The rescuers started the treatment immediately, giving him antibiotics, eye drops and washing him with a special shampoo.

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Teddy began to eat and drink, which was a promising sign that gave hope for his recovery.

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"Despite the ordeal he's been through, Teddy is a very sweet and kind dog who loves affection and care," the volunteers said.

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Local authorities are still searching for the person responsible for this cruel act.

At the moment, Teddy is under constant care at a local shelter. He is visited every day by the girl who rescued him that fateful day from imminent death.

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Source: chudesa

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