Dog behavior has not been studied fully yet. According to scientists, either a maternal instinct or a mutually beneficial cooperation lays a foundation for  friendship between dogs. However, there are many cases when one animal unselfishly sacrifices its interests for the sake of another, as it happened with two dogs from Vashon Island, WA.

Tilly the mongrel and Phoebe the basset hound are very attached to each other, because they have grown up in one home and would often play together as puppies.

Tilly from Vashon Island. Source: pulse.mail

Although the owners love their pets and take care of them, one day during a walk there was an accident. Both dogs ran away quite far, about a mile away from home to a deserted part of the island, where Phoebe accidentally got trapped in an abandoned well.

The well was old, shallow, and dry, so the dog was not injured. There was only one problem – she could get out of it. On seeing that Phoebe was in trouble, Tilly chose to stay with her. She barked and howled, but no one could hear her because there were no houses nearby.

Phoebe got trapped in an abandoned well. Source: pulse.mail

In the meantime, the owners of the dogs contacted a rescue service. All week long, volunteers surveyed the island in search of the missing pets, but as it turned out, they were far away from the unfortunate well.

Not waiting for help, Tilly decided to act on her own. She ran to the nearest farmhouse and tried to call its inhabitants for help. The farmer spotted the red-haired dog in the field, who approached him first and then ran off into the woods. However, the man did not follow Tilly, but simply reported her to a humane society. Its employee Amy Carey immediately went to the scene.

She began searching the area and eventually heard Tilly barking in the woods.

"When I got there and looked at the bottom of the ravine, Tilly saw me, but she didn't run up to me. She sat at the very edge of the well and looked down. It was obviously a signal that I should get closer to her to see something important, and it turned out to be her friend Phoebe," Carey recalls.

Tilly recues Phoebe. Source: pulse.mail

So both dogs were rescued and brought to their owner. Despite a difficult week, Phoebe and Tilly felt well, although they were very hungry. Fortunately, it rained a lot in those days, and the dogs were not thirsty, as they drank water from puddles. Thus, the story ended well, and the friends are now at home, safe and sound.

Tilly's refusal to leave her friend in need shows that dogs' feelings are much more complicated than we imagine. Tilly has saved Phoebe's life with her devotion, for if she had returned home, rescuers would not have found her friend in time.

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Source: pulse.mail

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