For some dogs, finding a new home after being abandoned is a real challenge. It was the case of Rescue, who can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Rescue the dog has been repeatedly abandoned. Source: 1 Toit pour toi

What could be worse for a dog than to be moved from home to home, being abandoned each time by those he starts to love? It's so hard to trust people again after so many betrayals! This story is about Rescue, an Anatolian Shepherd who has had a difficult start in life. But fortunately for him, he can finally relax and not to worry about his future.

Rescue's owner "was fed up with the dog"

It all started when Rescue ran away from home. Was his escape motivated by his former owner's neglect? No one knows. However, the dog was lucky enough to be spotted by a volunteer for 1 Toit pour toi, based in Aveyron.

The volunteer took the dog to the vet, who identified the animal's owner thanks to a microchip.

Rescue's owner was found thanks to a microchip. Source: 1 Toit pour toi

Relieved, the woman wanted to give Rescue back to its owner. But things didn't turn out that way. After 15 days of silence, the owner finally answered, explaining that he was "fed up with this dog" and that he didn't want to take care of him anymore.

His first adoption was a failure

So poor Rescue went into a foster home and was adopted. Unfortunately, after barely a month, the new owners returned the dog to the shelter. Rescue apparently needed a lot of exercise, and when his new family realized that they couldn't provide that much, they decided to surrender him.

The dog went back to his foster home. Time passed and no one wanted to adopt him. Unfortunately, even the foster family eventually no longer wanted to take care of Rescue. The dog had behavioral problems. He was very distrustful of humans, and that bothered his foster parents.

"We asked for help from different dog trainers, but the family didn't want to and couldn't keep him because it was too much work for them," a 1 Toit pour toi spokeswoman explained.

After 8 months in this home, Rescue was rejected again.

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Rescue the dog. Source: 1 Toit pour toi

The perfect family

Fortunately, all these failures finally have come to an end. A family wanted to adopt Rescue and agreed to a 15-day trial before making their final decision.

The chemistry between the dog and his new family was perfect during this period. Rescue was able to go for walks, hikes, and even canicross, to his great delight. Everything went so well that he was adopted permanently.

Now Rescue behaves well, because he is finally understood and his needs are met. He is now the happiest of all dogs!


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