Fernando Gabriel and his brother Felipe were walking along a subway station in their native São Paulo when they spotted a stray dog. The animal was lying right on the floor of the platform, shivering violently with cold. To Gabriel's surprise, his brother suddenly stopped and started taking off his clothes. First, he took off his outer clothing and then his T-shirt, which he put on the freezing dog.

Gabriel later admitted that his brother's actions were so sudden and quick that at first neither he nor the people passing by the platform realized what was happening. However, when people saw what the young man had stripped off his clothes for, they stopped to capture the touching moment on camera. One passerby, with the Felipe's consent, posted the video online.

Source: minimetr

In an interview, Felipe said that he did not expect so much attention. He just took pity on the stray dog, shivering with cold, and wanted to share his clothes with it. By the way, it was the young man's favorite T-shirt, but Felipe joked that it fit the dog much better.

A short time later Gabriel and Felipe returned to the same station to take the dog to their home, but unfortunately the pooch was no longer there. The brothers were upset that they had not done more for the dog that day, but they continue to look for the pooch. Let's hope that these two guys will find that dog soon. Anyway, they have already done a lot, setting an example to the thousands of people who will see the video of Felipe giving his favorite T-shirt to a stray dog.

Source: mimimetr

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