Philippe was devastated when he lost his loyal friend named Nutty. The cat slipped through an open door and went missing for several weeks. But the locals united to find the kitty.

"My Nutty, I've lost you. By my fault, you've disappeared," these are the words Philippe Piveront wrote on Facebook when his cat had run away. The man was consumed with guilt because he happened to leave a door open, giving the opportunity to the feline to sneak out. It would take 4 months to find Nutty.

Nutty the cat. Source: pets-dating

Nutty and Philippe had known each other for 13 years. The two, originally from Lagny-sur-Marne, the Ile-de-France region, have become very close after all these years. Nutty would even follow her owner to a nursery home where the man worked. Unfortunately, it is where the senior cat disappeared.

One day Philippe did not properly lock the door. Nutty escaped and found herself at the front desk of the residence. The commotion there made her panic, so she ran towards the residence's gardens and vanished into thin air.

Call for help

Philippe looked for his cat, but in vain. He admitted that he was gradually losing hope as time went by. But not giving up, he put all the chances on his side by creating a Facebook group "In search of Nutty". From then on, locals have stepped in.

Dozens of people quickly joined the group. Together, they started looking for the animal. When someone thought they saw Nutty, volunteers set off to the indicated location.

Nutty the cat. Source: pets-dating

Long-awaited reunion

One day, Philippe came back home without his pet but he left a note for anyone who saw Nutty in the area. And the very next day, he received a call from a nurse, who took care of a senior gentleman. The man, an animal lover, had a habit of feeding stray cats. When he saw the picture of Philippe's cat, he was convinced that he had fed her not long ago.

So Philippe went back to get more information. But even before reaching the witness' house, he saw his cat. He approached her cautiously, and was finally able to take her in his arms. Not to have false hopes, he first took her to the vet to check her tattoo. No doubt, it was Nutty! She had lost almost 5 pounds, but was safe and sound.

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Nutty the cat. Source: pets-dating

Enormous gratitude

Philippe is very grateful for the support of the locals: "I haven't found her, it's we who have found her," he said. He confided that without the support of others, it would have been difficult for him to find his furry friend.

The name of the Facebook group has been changed to "Nutty's Return." It is now used to search for other lost cats.

Source: pets-dating

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