Amber and her therapy donkey named Shocks has had an equally hard start in life. A Good Samaritan spotted the donkey on the street with a rope around his neck and reported him to the Birmingham Animal Shelter. That's where Shocks first met Amber, a girl who could not speak and had cerebral palsy. It was love at first sight. And recently, while interacting with her beloved donkey, the girl said the first words in her life, "I love you, Shocky!"

Shocks the donkey. Source: boredpanda

This donkey named Shocks has had a hard time in life. When Shosks was spotted by a kind woman on the street, there was a rope around his neck, which made his skin bleed. Moreover, there were sores and bruises all over him. The donkey was taken to the Birmingham Animal Shelter, where he was treated and trained as a therapy pet. That's how he met Amber.

Amber with her mom. Source: boredpanda

Amber has been through a lot either. The girl was born prematurely, and after birth she had to undergo emergency surgery. It saved Amber's life, but it took away her ability to speak. Amber has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

It was love at first sight. Source: boredpanda

After meeting Shocks, however, Amber's life started to change. "It was love at first sight!" says Austwick, Amber's mom. Working out with the donkey, Amber has grown stronger and her condition has clearly improved.

Amber and Shocks. Source: boredpanda

"It was fairly immediate to see they had a bond together," Austwick says. "They treat each other with extraordinary tenderness and attention!"

Such a strong bond. Source: boredpanda

Soon, Amber underwent another surgery, which was to restore the girl's ability to speak.

Amber and Shocks. Source: boredpanda

The first words in Amber's life were addressed to the donkey: "I love you, Shocky!" she said.

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Amber and Shocks. Source: boredpanda

"I was very proud of her and was certainly very happy that my little girl could speak," Amber's mother said.

Amber has a plush toy that resembles Shocks. Source: boredpanda

"I'd say they healed each other," Ostwick concluded.

Source: boredpanda

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