When animals are in trouble, they do not hope for help. Many people pass by and don't even pay attention to the poor things.

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When Satz and his son were driving down the highway to Danga Bay Park, Malaysia, they spotted a frightened creature huddling against the traffic median. It was a white cat that for some reason was lying motionless. While the men were looking at the poor thing, cars drove by...

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It was against rules to slow down and turn around at that spot. However, Satz decided to make a detour and go back for the cat, driving in the nearest lane of the road! That was the act of real animal lover!

The car had to drive almost halfway to the city to carry out the plan and find the turnaround, but they still reached their goal!

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The man didn't care about time, gasoline, or the responsibility for the cat. True, Satz is a real cat lover and he even runs the Kitty Konnexion Community on social media!

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The rescued animal was a lovely snow-white cat with huge blue eyes filled with tears.

When Satz put the cat in the car, the animal quickly hid under the seat.... Only at the vet clinic the cat was diagnosed with a fractured leg and an injured chest.

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Now Danga the cat (yes, he was named after the park!) is already on the mend. His favorite pastime is purring while sitting in Satz's lap. It's a cool activity they both enjoy!

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Thank you, Satz, for rescuing this beautiful boy!

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