Going through difficult times, everyone needs attention, support, and care. And animals sometimes are even more sympathetic than people. This cat named Lucifer is just the case. The kitty lives and works at a vet clinic. Its staff call Lucifer a crew member as he does a very important job.

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Lucifer, a pitch-black cat, came to the clinic with a broken back so his hind legs don't work. He knows what it means to be helpless, abandoned, and doomed.

Perhaps that's why, as soon as Lucifer was able to move around using only his front paws, he wanted to communicate. One day the clinic staff noticed that when he was near a sick animal, Lucifer would sit by its side purring loudly, as if trying to soothe the patient.

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The vets claim that in the presence of the black cat other animals feel more relaxed and calm down more quickly.

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The staff took several pictures showing Lucifer at work. These dogs could not calm down until the furry specialist was near the cage.

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In addition, the black cat has become an honorary donor. His blood has already saved several lives.

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And, of course, it's impossible not to admit that Lucifer is just handsome. His huge yellow eyes are mesmerizing and his black fur is shining. The clinic staff started a blog for Lucifer on social media which made the black cat world famous. Now he is even starring in commercials.

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