One day passers-by spotted a cat near a long and curved metal pipe. As the kitty kept sticking its head inside and could not calm down, it was clear that something was bothering her. However, no one had a clue what the reason for such behavior...

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One of the locals who had noticed the cat, decided call volunteers for help. Fortunately, they quickly came to the rescue...

Approaching the metal structure, the volunteer heard the shrieking cry that echoed from there. It did not take much effort to figure out that it was the kitten that had fallen into the pipe! The mama cat was desperate looking for it, that's why she kept looking inside the metal construction!

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Armed with a camera and tools, volunteers set out to rescue the little guy. The distance from the cat was 30 feet, and they had to use their technique wisely in order to rescue the prisoner without injuring him. By the way, the cat kept an eye on the process the whole time, every now and then coming close to the pipe.

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At last, the baby who was a tiny calico could be reached. She was pulled out and quickly wrapped in a blanket. The little one was extremely frightened, not even realizing she had been rescued!

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The veterinarians who were there immediately gave her an injection of nutrients, since she was hungry and needed vitamins. After that, they put her in a cage and opened the door. Volunteers wanted to see how the mama cat, who had previously looked inside the pipe, would behave.

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At that moment something happened that they had never expected: the kitten jumped out of the cage and took off running! A moment later, the cat rushed after the baby. And soon the two of them were spotted sitting peacefully on the roof...

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Well, everybody was pleased because the little one was safe and sound.

We hope that the kitten has leant this lesson and will stay away from pipes!

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