In winter, even in warm Turkey it can be very cold. And there are a lot of stray dogs and cats, who are not used to the cold and find it hard to survive the low temperatures.

Fortunately, there are many wonderful people there with big and kind hearts who have come up with a method to help freezing animals.

Source: popularnoe

One of the big malls in Istanbul chose not to close their doors at night so that stray animals could go in there and stay warm.

Many shopkeepers even put cardboard boxes under their windows to make it more comfortable for the animals.

Source: popularnoe

And the Penti store, for example, lets the dogs in, which they gladly take advantage of:

Source: popularnoe

Selçuk Bayal, who owns a cafe and a pet store inside the mall, even took in 12 stray cats. Not all customers are enthusiastic of the idea, but the man just follows his big, kind heart!

Source: popularnoe

The gesture of this Istanbul mall and its store owners should be a great example for the rest of humanity. Winter is a very difficult season for all homeless animals and they need our help!

Source: popularnoe

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