Vickie the dog has spent six years in a shelter kennel, hoping to find a forever home. However, since she was blind, no one wanted to adopt her. No visitors took interest in her, so it seemed that she would stay in the shelter forever. The situation seemed to be hopeless, but one day a mother and daughter spotted Vickie and decided to take her in. They even filmed the moment when the dog realized she was going home.

Vickie the dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

Vickie, a 7-year-old pit bull, was surrendered to the shelter as a puppy because of her poor eyesight. Her caretakers tried for years to find her a new home, but could not find anyone willing to take in an untrained dog who had never lived with humans.

Vickie spent six years circling her shelter kennel

She received a lot of attention from volunteers, but was still waiting for a loving family until Ellen and her daughter Honora showed up. They were amazed by Vickie's beautiful personality and fell in love with her at first sight.

Vickie the dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

Ellen and Honora started visiting Vicki every day, taking her for walks. After a few months with them, Vickie started to show affection to them. They taught her commands and helped her adjust to her new life.

Vickie the dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

After a few months, the mom and daughter realized it was time to take Vickie in for good. They made one last visit to the shelter to officially adopt her and take her out of the shelter.

Despite the numerous challenges they faced in helping Vickie adjust to her new life, they never lost patience and always showed care.

"Vickie will be surrounded by love and she won't have to worry about anything else," Ellen said.

Vickie the dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

This is Vickie's story:

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It's been a year since Vickie joined her new family. She is genuinely grateful for their kindness and love. Now Vickie has loving owners who give her a lot of attention and care.

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