A little pup was found on the street, left all alone in an old box with a blanket. Later it turned out that the little guy was not alone there. Several other puppies were found nearby, and the mother dog was nowhere to be found.

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In Tijuana, Mexico, a lonely puppy was found living in a box with no mother nearby. The baby was reported to a local shelter, and Lisa Chiarelli, the owner of Frankie Lola and Friends, immediately volunteered to help. She got the message at night, and was planning to leave in the morning to pick up the puppy, when suddenly she got another message...

It turned out there was more than one puppy. Later, five more puppies were found nearby, but the mother dog was still missing.

"All of a sudden, instead of one puppy, it was a box of puppies,"  Chiarelli recalls.

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In the morning, Chiarelli picked up all the babies and took them to safety.

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The poor little guys were skinny and tiny. The shelter volunteers were shocked that the babies who were 7-8 weeks old could do without their mother all this time.

The shelter team took care of the puppies, giving them the necessary medicines around the clock and feeding them on a schedule. Within a few days, the puppies were on the mend, started playing a lot and gained weight. And three weeks later, they made a full recovery.

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One of the puppies was adopted by a loving family. The other puppies still live with a foster family, but Chiarelli hopes that they all will find a forever home soon.

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Thank you kind people for this amazing rescue!

Source: The Dodo screenshot

Source: The Dodo

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