While staying at the shelter, Petey had won all the volunteers' hearts, but for some reason the doggie was overlooked by shelter visitors. Fortunately, he was eventually noticed and was able to give his new owners the sweetest smile.

By his first birthday, Petey had already become the longest resident of a local shelter. The latter, a small North Carolina humane society, reached out to SPCA Wake asking to give him a chance at adoption. A few weeks later, it finally happened. Petey could finally live the life he had always deserved, much to his delight.

By his first birthday, Petey the dog had already become the longest resident of a local shelter. Source: The Dodo

"We couldn't believe that no one wanted him," said Samantha Ranlet, spokesperson for the SPCA. Petey was very friendly when he joined the shelter. Yet he had spent a year in the previous shelter and no one got interested in him. Although he was energetic and playful, his rather intimidating physique seemed to be the problem.

Petey the dog. Source: The Dodo

"He has been super friendly from day one and very playful"

The SPCA volunteers became concerned about his future. Nevertheless, they posted his profile on social media: "Unfortunately, we expected that he would be overlooked in favor of small dogs, as before," Samantha said.

But some time after his arrival, a family fell in love with the sweet doggie when they saw his picture on the Internet.

Happy pet

One month later, the doggie left the SPCA. He joined his forever home, to which he got used very quickly: "He loves sleeping in the bed, playing fetch, and sniffing around the yard. And LOVES playing with his new brother and any other doggy friend he finds. He's the perfect addition," his new family shared, adding that he is opening up day by day, revealing his "beautiful personality".

Sleeping with a smile on his face. Source: The Dodo

Petey fills his loved ones with happiness, and vice versa. In fact, in one photo, the dog fell asleep with a wide smile on his face: "That is the smile of a dog who knows he's home," the SPCA concluded.

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Source: The Dodo

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