One night Dora the dog was hanging out in the yard. However, when she heard the fireworks' sounds, she panicked, broke the fence of the yard and ran away. Seven months later her family, who were losing hope of seeing her again as the days went by, received an unexpected call.

The 4th of July is a national American holiday. It commemorates the country's independence, declared in 1776. Since then, the Americans celebrate this date with ceremonies and fireworks.

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But for one family, this happy occasion turned into a tragedy when they realized their dog was missing. It wasn't until seven months later that they were able to find her.

While fireworks are symbolic for humans, they can be a real source of stress for animals. Dora, who was in the backyard of her Texas home on the night of the 4th of July, was startled by the loud noises, the source of which she couldn't understand.

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A desperate search

With nowhere to hide, the dog panicked. She managed to break down the once durable fence and vanished into thin air. By the time her owners realized it, the dog had been gone. This was not in her habit, so they got very concerned.

The family searched for Dora, put up posters, and took to social media, but to no avail. Weeks went by and Dora was nowhere to be found.

The magic of a microchip

Although the family wouldn't give up, the hope of seeing Dora again became slimmer as the months went by. Yet, Dora was not far away. In fact, she was spotted by volunteers at the McKinney shelter, located in a 20 minutes' drive from her home. And the search for a microchip came back positive - Dora had owners! Dora's family was contacted after the discovery of the microchip, and came to pick up their pooch for an emotional reunion. A touching video of this moment was shared on YouTube:

Dora, who had been sad and scared, eventually calmed down in the arms of her beloved human, as if relieved to have found him. She kept looking at him for a long time, with a great deal of tenderness.

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As one Internet user wrote, "The reaction of this dog was so unique! She is like in guilt, saying 'I'm so sorry that I left but I was so scared!'"

That's why it is so important to have your pet microchipped, as this small act can reunite families.

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