The sudden loss of Wendy has left her family in deep sorrow. Although her loved ones will never forget her, they were able to get over their pain with the help of a new puppy named MJ.

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On TikTok Wendy's owners announced the sad loss of their dog, barely 2 years old. She was so close to the other family dog named Steve, that her owners couldn't imagine him being alone. So they took in little MJ, who immediately bonded with her big brother.

"It should never have happened like this," the dogs' owner wrote desperately on social media. Wendy's was gone unexpectedly that deeply affected her entire family. To overcome this painful stage, they decided to adopt a young female Boxer, MJ.

Steve and MJ. Source: TikTok screenshot

"He needed her"

MJ was able to put a little balm on the hearts of this mourning family. The new girl quickly bonded with her canine brother Steve, to the point that she never lets him out of her sight. In a very symbolic way for her owners, MJ brought a lot of affection to the members of her family, "MJ knew exactly what void she had to help fill" wrote one of them.

In several videos, MJ can be seen cuddling with Steve. She snuggles with him during naps and he has become the most comfortable chair in the house for her! In fact, she loves to climb on his back to lie on him: "We know Wendy would be proud" their owners shared.


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Affectionate dog breed

According to Hill's Pet Nutrition, a dog food company, Boxers are companion dogs. They like to be around their loved ones. Steve's owners said he needed MJ.

At the same time, people who have boxers as pets have confirmed this:

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"All boxers need another boxer," wrote one.

" I just got my 1.5 yr old boxer a boxer pup and they instantly fell in love decision I've ever made," another commented.

It's clear that MJ is precious to her canine brother, just as she is to her humans.


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