When John and Cindy Billsberger's beloved dog, Bruno, had run away from home, they were heartbroken. The couple spent a month searching for the dog, but to no avail.

One day, John, being half a mile away from home, spotted a stray dog showing a very strange interest in one place.

As he approached the spot, he came upon a ten-foot sinkhole, which was presumably an abandoned well. Bruno was lying at the bottom of the well.

He was in very bad shape, his look blank, his body covered in sores and cuts. John realized that he had to act very quickly.

Source: petpop

The man called his son, who arrived and, tying a rope around his waist, jumped down into the well and helped the dog out.

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The Billisbergers took the injured dog to a nearby clinic in Estevan, Canada, where he was immediately operated on.

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Bruno was also diagnosed with dehydration. According to the vets, he was very lucky to have some water in the well, which helped keep him alive.

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As of today, Bruno is still in the vet clinic, but he is on the mend.

Source: petpop

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