Sunny is a poodle mix, and he has recently made his biggest dreams come true. Lonely, scared and homeless, Sunny would spend days roaming the streets of Los Angeles looking for someone who could love him.

One day the dog came to a house that seemed very welcoming. Sunny had nothing to lose, so he sat down on the porch and started to wait. The dog didn't know who owned the house, but something suggested that he was safe there.

Sunny the dog. Source: Facebook

The seniors who lived in the house saw the dog and told their daughter, Jaylene Guevara, about it. The woman immediately came to meet Sunny in person. In the meantime, the couple fed the dog and gave him a warm blanket.


Meet SUNNY ☀️💘 Rescued this baby boy the night of 3/20/2023. I scheduled a vet appointment for him for Friday morning. I’ve posted several lost dog reports on PawBoost, lost and found FB groups in the Chino, CA and San Bernardino County area, my mom has posted him on NextDoor, and I reported him to the Inland Valley Humane Society but so far we have not found his owner. I am fine with fostering him for however long I need to and willing to adopt him if need be. He is in good hands with us ❤️ #dogrescue #rescuedog #rescuedogsoftiktok

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Jaylene gained Sunny's trust and took him to the vet. The woman hoped that the dog had a microchip that would help locate his owners. However, the search for a microchip came back negative and that's when Jaylene decided to take Sunny in.


Little update… nothing new really. Will find out more tomorrow at his vet appt 🤞🏼 #dogrescue #rescuedog

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But first Sunny was taken to a grooming salon, where he was given a bath and groomed. After the procedures, the dog changed dramatically – he looked very happy.

Sunny the dog. Source: Facebook

Now Sunny is feeling better and has already made friends with his new sister Luna.


Replying to @kirstey he is also being tested for parasites but those results are pending. I really hope that’s not what is giving him diarrhea. We love him very much. I’ve learned how difficult it can be, though—especially with 2 dogs in an apartment and when they bark. They set each other off when they do so we have to be careful of noise complaints. Anyway, I hope Sunny’s story inspires others to foster and rescue dogs if they can. But just know, it takes a lot of time, patience, and can be expensive so be sure to do your research. There are so many animals in need, so I encourage you all to adopt don’t shop ❤️ #rescuedog #dogrescue

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"You can tell how relieved he is to be with us!" Guevara wrote on TikTok. "He is the sweetest thing. He is so thankful and loving..."

Source: The Dodo

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