In search of their human, some cats show wonders of impudence and fearlessness. So in Oxford, Ohio, police officer Butler was patrolling Kehr Road, and when he pulled over, an orange tabby cat suddenly jumped into his car right from the street.

This story, with pictures, was shared by Oxford Police Department on Facebook.

"He was super friendly and very affectionate, he wasn't afraid of me, and when I wanted to kick him out, he wouldn't listen and kept staying in the car," Officer Butler recalls.

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The orange cat purred and rubbed his body against Butler's police uniform, demanding to be petted. And then, in the most impudent way, he started walking around the car and examining everything.

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In the end the cat comfortably settled down on the officer's lap and looked as if saying "No, I'm not going anywhere."

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All this time nobody came to the car to pick up the cat, and Butler was glad to pet the animal.

This story ended with Officer Butler taking the cat in. Well, Butler intended to foster the cat only for a few days until his owner came to get him or when a more suitable family was found for the cat. But we know how these stories usually end =)

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Have you ever adopted stray animals?

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