In addition to having many health concerns, these dogs have to learn how to trust humans. A long journey of rehabilitation is ahead of them.

In Devon, England, a big rescue operation has recently taken place. The owner of a Shih Tzu kennel abandoned all his dogs, for an unknown reason. They were found a week later in a deplorable state. More than 90 dogs were rescued and are now waiting to start a new life.

Poor thing. Source: devonlive

All the dogs were in terrible condition

Several shelters teamed up to help the 90 dogs found abandoned on a farm. Although there was not enough room to house all the dogs, they did their best, not being able to leave these poor animals in the state they were in.

Several shelters teamed up to help the 90 dogs found abandoned on a farm.  Source: devonlive

Indeed, all the dogs were all severely malnourished and infested with parasites. Having lived for several days in the middle of their excrements, their hair was covered with feces and urine. Finally, as the urine contained ammonia, many dogs were suffering from ammonia burns. It was therefore urgent to intervene to help the dogs.

The dogs' coats were covered with feces and urine. Source: devonlive

Dogs have to learn to trust humans

The Shih Tzu were taken in by various shelters, where they received all the necessary vet care. Their dirty coats were shaved and their skin conditions treated. They were also given food and water as needed. In addition, to relieve the mothers who were too emaciated, the puppies were bottle-fed by the volunteers.

Eventually, the dogs have been able to make it. However, to find a family for them is not going to be easy, because all the dogs are afraid of humans. They have only lived with each other, and have not had any socialization.

Dogs are still afraid of humans. Source: devonlive

The difficult journey of these dogs is still far from over, but the hardest part is definitely behind them. They are now safe, living in a friendly atmosphere. The future owners will need a little patience, so that the dogs can get used to this wonderful life, which is very different from the one they knew before.

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Source: devonlive

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