A dog named Crosby just adores kittens and all little ones. He's grown up among furry friends and hasn't imagined a different life. But recently Crosby has had to say goodbye to two of his best friends.

"About six months ago he lost his kitten buddy. And just over a month ago he had to deal with the loss of his dog friend, who had been his faithful companion since Crosby was 8 weeks old," the owner of the dog says.

Crosby the dog. Source: petpop

So, Crosby was the only pet at home, but he seemed not to be very upset.

A couple of weeks ago, the owner came home as usual. Usually Crosby, the carefree playful boy, greets his owner with excitement when he is back from work.

But this time the dog was unusually restrained and led the man straight to the bathroom. In the bathroom the man was shocked to see a vocal kitten who was meowing as hard as he could.

The kitten. Source: petpop

"I had never seen this kitten before and couldn't figure out how she ended up in my home. I do have a special doggie door, but it's too high off the ground so the kitten couldn't have possibly reached it. I think it was Crosby who guided the baby inside in my absence."

"She bears an uncanny resemblance to that kitten we lost six months ago."

The kitten. Source: petpop

The man went around the neighborhood, making inquiries about the furry visitor. Some neighbors had seen her before, but no one knew who she belonged to.

No one knew who the kitten belonged to. Source: petpop

"I took the kitten to the vet to see if she was microchipped and it turned out she wasn't. However, she had been spayed just a few days before. Presumably she was four months old at the time of the examination."

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The veterinarian warned the guy that if he surrendered the kitten to a shelter, there she would probably be put to sleep, because shelters have long been full.

Our hero couldn't let a defenseless little kitty wander the streets, left to fend for herself. And Crosby seemed to really like his new friend. So the man made the kitten part of his family.

Crosby with the kitten. Source: petpop

Crosby was over the moon and stayed by the kitty's side all night long.

The dog is happy to have a companion again. It is much more fun to play together, and it is not boring to take a nap after playing together.

Crosby with the kitten. Source: petpop

Most likely, it was Crosby who brought home the little buddy he needed so much. Now they enjoy each other's company!

Source: petpop

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