This is the story of a dog named Gemma, a beautiful white German Shepherd who was dumped by her family.

The doggie was treated so harshly that 70% of her body was affected by a demodectic mange. Fortunately, Gemma ended up in the hands of an experienced veterinarian.

Gemma. Source: petpop

It was at this facility that she met Jolene, her future owner and guardian angel. Jolene is a kind woman and volunteer at the rescue center, and so she happily took in the dog.

It was quite a brave thing to do because she had to bandage the dog's entire body 2-3 times a day.

It's incredible, but Jolene, with the help of her husband, got Gemma back on her feet in just a few months. The doggie started to get better and gain weight. And soon the amazing thing became clear: Gemma was pregnant!

Soon afterwards Gemma gave birth to 5 healthy puppies. All the puppies have found their forever homes while Gemma has to continue her treatment for mange.

Source: petpop

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