Samantha Jung and her pet Kelly spent 28 days apart. The dog got lost in the Canadian mountains while hiking with her owner and her friend.

At one point, Samantha wandered off on her own errands, leaving her dog with her friend. Kelly was on a leash, but something startled her and she broke free. The pet ran off down the mountainside, where there were no hiking trails.

Kelly in the mountains. Source: pets.mail

Jung notified all nearby shelters and mountain rescue personnel about the escape. She even temporarily quit her job to devote all her time to the search for her pet.

A month later the search yielded first results: paw prints on the ground helped find the dog's trail. Kelly showed her strength and resilience, she had to survive in the wild in conditions completely unsuitable for a domestic dog.

Source: pets.mail

The dog is now on the mend enjoying the warmth of home. Kelly has not been injured and is feeling well, but Samantha still carefully monitors that she eats and sleeps enough. After such a misfortune, she needs a good rest.

Samantha and Kelly never want to part again. Source: pets.mail

Source: pets.mail

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