Several months ago a couple from Montreal, Canada, spotted a family of stray cats in their yard. There was a mother cat and several kittens. One of the kittens, a female, was particularly shy, so she found a shelter inside a cinder block. Unfortunately, when her mother decided to move to another safe place, she took all the kittens away one by one, except for the shy one.

The shy kitten was left all alone

The couple reported the kitten to a local shelter, Orphan Kittens Montreal. They were still hoping to find the mother cat, but she was nowhere to be seen. The poor shy kitten was left all alone in the yard, hiding in the cinder block.

The kitten was hiding in a cinder block. Source: lovemeow

Stefany, a shelter volunteer, went to the rescue scene with her mother. They picked up the kitten, they named Dayze. The baby was soon placed with a foster family.

She was very shy. Source: lovemeow

Dayze had a small birth defect

The kitten was examined by the vet, who said that she was about 5 weeks old and had a front leg deformity.

Dayze was diagnosed with a leg deformity. Source: lovemeow

"Dayze has a crooked front leg due to a deformity in the joint of her paw. We were able to get her seen by a specialist. For now, the little scooter can move around just fine, and it doesn't bother her at all. We will continue to monitor her paw as she grows," Stefany says.

Dayze is no longer a shy little girl

Dayze quickly felt safe at her new home. Here she is well fed, cared for and surrounded by love.

Dayze is gaining weight. Source: lovemeow

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She is no longer the shy little girl who hid in a cinder block. On the contrary, she likes to be the center of attention.

Dayze likes to be the center of attention. Source: lovemeow

"She loves being around people. She is curious about everything and loves to play and run around the house as if she owns it."

Dayze the cat. Source: lovemeow

Dayze is very happy, she loves human company and cuddles, and lives life to the fullest. Now she just needs to find her own home for life.

Such a beauty. Source: lovemeow

Source: lovemeow

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