When these two women returned to the site of fire where their home used to be, they had no idea that instead of their cat they would find several other pets. The first cat they came across was an orange tabby, that was screaming in pain. Its burned face, ears, and neck hurt badly, and the girls took it immediately to the veterinary hospital.

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The next day, they went back to the remains of their home to continue their search for their cat Apu, but met a couple there who were looking for an orange kitty. So the women were delighted to tell them where their pet was and the owners rushed to the veterinary hospital to reunite with their pet.

The next time, the women found a black and white cat hiding in a sewer pipe. As they got closer, one of them climbed into the pipe at one end and the other caught the cat.

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"At first we were afraid she would run away from us, but when we saw her, we thought about how we could take her in a way that would cause her as little pain as possible because of her many burns."

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The black and white cat was badly burned, but on the way to the vet hospital, she snuggled up to one of the rescuers and started purring. After the women posted on social media about the cat they had found, the owner of the cat showed up.

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Unfortunately, the end of this story is tragic. After several days of searching, Apu the cat was found. This kitty was much more badly burned than the cats found earlier. Sixteen days after he was found, Apu passed away at the vet hospital.

Beautiful Apu. Source: petpop

Source: petpop

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