When friends Lindsay and Daria were traveling through Spain in September, the souvenir they expected to bring home the least was a tiny kitten. The baby ran after the girls, begging to be rescued and they knew they couldn't say no.

Kaizar the kitten. Source: The Dodo screenshot

The kitten was named Kaizar. The girls flea-treated the baby and nursed him back to heath. First entering his forever home, the kitten was afraid of most people and animals. But soon he gradually started getting more and more curious. He liked to explore the world around him, people and especially his big sister, Chihuahua Fyssa.

Kaizar was afraid of most people and animals. Source: The Dodo screenshot

"We always joke that Kaizar probably mistook Fyssa for a cat, since he absolutely hates dogs. All he wanted was to be as close to her as possible, cuddle her and for her to cuddle him. Fyssa, on the other hand, was wary of his presence," Lindsay says.

Kaizar probably mistook Fyssa for a cat. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Soon, though, they did become friends.

Kaizar and Fyssa have become friends. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Fyssa has had a great impact on Kaizar. She has taught him everything she knows about being a dog and Kaizar has been a great student! Fyssa taught Kaizar to walk on a leash, play fetch, and even growl and bark.


Who let the dogs out ft Kaizar😆😆🤭 he also barks sometimes but I’ve never managed to catch it on camera yet🫣😂 #funny #cat #raisedwithdogs #Kaizar #viral #fyp #cute

♬ original sound - Kaizar & Fyssa

"We thought cats only pant when they're either sick or thirsty," Lindsay said. "But after three unnecessary visits to the vet, it turns out he just likes to copy his big sister."


Replying to @Katy Daw he loves playing fetch and he’ll growl at people when he hears them pass in the hallway😭

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♬ original sound - Kaizar & Fyssa

What habits have your pets picked up from each other?

Source: The Dodo

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