Rocco is mischievous little dachshund who has become the center of attention of Salem, Kentucky. Rocco has come up with nothing better than to get stuck where it would be hardest to get him out of – inside a big tree.

Source: petpop

Unfortunately, the in and out principle didn't work here. The agile pup got into the hollow from under the ground by following a groundhog through its burrow. Luckily, the pet got stuck in plain sight of people.

It all started when workers mowing the grass near a local cemetery heard desperate barking and whining. The police arrived on the scene and found a small hollow in a tree from where the frightened doggie's head was poking. There was a groundhog burrow and dog tracks nearby, so evidently the little hunter went headlong after his prey, reached the rotting core of the tree, and got stuck when he poked his head into the hollow out of curiosity. It was quite a challenging task for the rescues who came with axes and professional tools.

Source: petpop

While waiting for the rescue team, the cops gave water and food to the little guy, and made inquiries about his owner.

"Rocco is restless and not yet intelligent because of his age," confirmed Tammy Reed, the dog's owner. So it was decided not just to free the dog, but to saw an even bigger hole in the old tree just in case another pet ended up in the hole. After all, the groundhog, a tidbit, is not expected to leave its territory.

Source: petpop

Will the incident be a lesson to little Rocco? We think there is little hope.

Source: petpop

Source: petpop

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