Pamela is a 5-year-old English Cocker Spaniel. Since she was old enough to have babies, she has been exploited by an abusive and cruel breeder. His negligence resulted in the dog going blind. Today, Pamela hopes to find a family, but it is definitely not an easy task because she no longer has her eyes. Her greatest wish is to finally be loved and cared for.

Source: Friends of Animals Wales

Vets had to remove Pamela's eyes for her well-being

Friends of Animals Wales humane society came to the aid of Pamela, after she was rescued from her former owner. "Pamela [...] came to us with chronic dry eye, which had been neglected for a long period of time," a spokesperson for the shelter explained.

Source: Friends of Animals Wales

At first, veterinarians did everything they could to save poor Cocker's eyesight. But after several months of treatment, they realized that there was no point in trying further. "Unfortunately, despite six months of intense treatment, we were unable to restore her sight, so we made the decision to remove her eyes because she found the frequent administration of eye medication painful," a spokesperson Friends of Animals Wales said.

Pamela's new chapter

Nevertheless, now Pamela lives life to the fullest. She is discovering all the wonders of life, which she had never known before. Just having a toy was new to her. She quickly got got attached to her teddy bear, and loves to take it everywhere with her.

Source: Friends of Animals Wales

Despite her lack of socialization, she is a dog that loves cuddles and being center of attention. She loves any human who is gentle with her, and even enjoys veterinarians.

When outside, she has to be kept on a leash for safety, but that doesn't stop her from living a life almost like any healthy dog. She loves to explore her yard, and is comfortable in the car. She can be around other dogs, and is gentle with children. The only living beings with which she gets along not so well are cats.

Source: Friends of Animals Wales

Pamela's foster family likes to say that her disability is a "special power" that makes this pooch unique. They hope the dog will soon find a loving home that will accept her just as she is.

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