In Liverpool, volunteers have recently found little kittens suffering from fleas, pneumonia and pink eye. The little ones were taken to a clinic where they were treated for parasites. But one of the kittens had a bacterial eye infection, and the usual drops stopped helping him.

Poor baby. Source: petpop

The only way out was to take canine blood to make a serum that would help save the fluffy cat's eyesight.

The kitty has drops administered. Source: petpop

"We had never used an eye serum like this. We learned about this method from another doctor. In the end a miracle happened: drops based on the dog's blood helped Marshmallow save his eyes from further tissue destruction."

The hero dog. Source: petpop

To find a donor, the vets posted online that the kitten was in dire need of canine blood, and the owners of Harvey the Great Dane responded.

Source: petpop

The 120 lb dog, who, according to the owner, hates cats, calmly endured the procedure. The owner was worried that Harley might pounce on the kitten, but everything went well. After the blood test, Harley snuggled up to Marshmallow to comfort the little one.

The kitten has made a full recovery. Source: petpop

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Source: petpop

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