Dogs, unlike cats, get very attached to those whom they love and with whom they spend time together. And dogs can have a strong bond not only with people, but also with other animals. Merlin, a friendly 15-year-old dog had a best friend Van the cat with whom they lived side by side for 2 years.

Merlin the dog with Van the cat. Source: pulse.mail

The cat was adopted from the shelter when he was 18 years old, and Merlin was already 13 years old at the time. And unfortunately, two years later Van crossed the Rainbow Bridge. During those two years, Merlin became very attached to Van. They were both elderly pets and most of the time they spent lying together on a cozy couch and enjoying life. This couple made even the coldest heart melt.

So, when Van was gone, Merlin became depressed; he could neither sleep nor eat... he missed his best friend so much. When he lay down on the couch where he and Van had always slept, he would start whining sadly.

Merlin with the kittens. Source: pulse.mail

The owners couldn't bear to see their dog suffer and decided to take in two adult cats from the shelter, but unfortunately Merlin wouldn't let them near him. And one day they spotted four kittens which desperately needed a home, so they decided to take them in. And then a miracle happened. Merlin came over to sniff those kittens and smiled, his face was glowing with happiness.

From that day on, Merlin has no longer been sad, and the kittens take the dog for their mom and constantly follow Merlin around.

Merlin is smiling again. Source: pulse.mail

Such a sad but sweet story.

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Source: pulse.mail

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