Sometimes people adopt way too many pets than they can take care of. Several years ago volunteers with a Canadian humane society learned about a household with 50 dogs and 10 cats that the owners couldn't cope with.

The pets lived in terrible conditions and could spend days without a single meal. As soon as Jeanne learned about the poor pets, she set off to the rescue scene. The woman was horrified by the conditions in which the animals and their owners lived as she had never seen anything like that before. But one dog made an especially deep impression on Jeanne. Her name was Piper and she was the oldest.

Fortunately, Jeanne was able to persuade the homeowners to surrender their pets, because the situation had become really overwhelming. All the pets were placed in different shelters so that they could find a normal home and owners who would take care of them. Several weeks later Piper gave birth to beautiful puppies who were quickly adopted by loving people. Jeanne got so attached to the doggie that she decided to keep Piper forever.

A year later, Jeanne brought home two stray puppies who desperately needed a mom. Piper accepted the pups as her own children and even started nursing them.

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A couple of days later, another 5 puppies were brought in, which Piper also took under her wing. Along with these puppies, there were tiny kittens who immediately started sucking Piper's milk.

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Piper was not tired of taking care of the little ones, and was giving everyone attention, nursing, grooming, and guarding them.

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Jeanne looked at Piper with great admiration and was very grateful that they had met a year before.

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Source: pulse.mail

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