St. Louis-based Stray Rescue knows from experience that with the onset of a cold season, stray animals start hiding in homes, hoping to keep warm, but not all of them manage to survive. On another raid, the rescue staff came across an abandoned building from where they could hear pitiful squeaking.

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As they approached the house, they spotted a nursing mama dog, which on seeing the people rushed away. The rescuers rushed after her. They realized the mama dog did not live alone in the house and there were newborn puppies hiding somewhere amidst piles of garbage.

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The house was a mess; it had no windows, it smelled awful, and it was very cold inside.

The dog tried to scare the rescuers away and also was about to run away from the house, leaving her offspring behind, but she wouldn't let the rescuers catch her. There was fear in her eyes.

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But after a little effort, the rescuers finally managed to catch the exhausted dog. They put her in a truck, and returned for the puppies. The mother was worried, but when the rescuers brought 7 healthy babies, the dog closed her eyes and calmed down, finally feeling safe.

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Now the mama dog and her babies are being taken care of and will soon find a new home!

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Watch the video of this amazing rescue:

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