An 82-year-old grandmother named Shirley McNally from England bought a sofa online, but as soon as she sat down on it, she suddenly felt something hard, pulled out the find and ran to the police.

"I just noticed the couch on Facebook and thought it was a great choice and ordered right away."

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The furniture was delivered almost immediately, the two delivery guys seemed extremely strange to her, but Shirley didn't pay much attention at the time. She paid £180 for the sofa and began to enjoy the purchase until her grandson Keenan arrived and declared that the sofa was awful and did not suit her at all:

"This sofa is just awful, you can only find such things in a nursing home!"

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After that, Grandma decided to get rid of the couch and put it up for sale, having freshened and vacuumed it before doing so.

And then she noticed something strange, she felt something hard under the upholstery and thought that it was some kind of jewelry or a purse, because people often hide their stashes in their couches.

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But instead of treasure, Shirley pulled out a real huge machete. It was the same kind of machete that Rambo had. Granny was at once confused and did not know what to do with such a find and immediately ran to the police station, as soon as possible to get rid of this weapon.


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