Mark, 5, loves dearly his dog Alfie. They are always together, but for some reason the dog has always stayed by the boy's right side. Mark's parents could not figure out the reason for the dog's strange habit. But as soon as they went to a doctor, everything became clear.

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The dog has always snuggled up to the boy's right side only. At first Mark's parents didn't pay attention to this, because they thought it was just a dog's whim. But once they went to a doctor, the boy was diagnosed with astigmatism in his right eye. It turns out the dog was able to sense it.

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After a while, the owners became more attentive to the dog's behavior, and Alfie could sense the disease again, but in their other pet. Alfie would lick the other dog's paw, and it turned out that the pet had bone disease.

Specialists argue that dogs can sense disease because they have excellent smell. Alfie still stays only by the boy's right side, which is quite natural since Mark has a long treatment ahead of him.

That's what true love is all about.

Do your pets have any extraordinary abilities?

Source: petpop

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