A dog named Tanka spent six hours barking nonstop so someone would notice her and come to help. Her owner, Joaquin Gallado, had fallen down a well and couldn't get out until help arrived in response to Tanka's barking.

Joaquin Gallado met his pet when the doggie was only two weeks old. The guy and his friends were camping out in the countryside and heard strange noises in the bushes. The guys thought it was a bird... but it turned out to be an abandoned puppy, whining and asking for help. The guy took the baby to the vet and then decided to keep her forever. At that time Joaquin couldn't even imagine that one day Tanka would rescue him too.

Joaquin and his rescuer Tanka. Source: pets.mail

Talking on the phone, Gallado didn't notice an old well and fell into it. The water was icy, so he quickly stopped feeling his legs. To make matters worse, his phone drowned and the well was about 30 feet deep. In short, there was no chance for Gallado to get out on his own. Fortunately, Tanka came to her owner's rescue.

The dog was barking loudly for six hours, hoping that someone would hear her and come. And indeed, her barking caught the attention of two girls who were walking nearby. As they came closer, they also heard a human scream. They called rescuers who quickly fished Joaquin out.

Tanka didn't leave her owner in trouble. Source: pets.mail

Another story that proves that life is a boomerang. And, of course, one cannot help admiring the courage of the pet who did not leave his human in trouble.

Source: pets.mail

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