Buster, a Labrador and Weimaraner mix, came into Terry Sanders' life at the time when she needed him most. Sanders had lost almost everything in a hurricane that destroyed her home and took the life of her beloved dog, Monte.

Source: pets.mail

Little Buster and his sister were dumped in a bag on a roadside. The 4-week-old puppies were in a poor condition, but fortunately, a Good Samaritan spotted them and took them to an animal shelter. Buster had broken pelvic bones and vets doubted he would be able to walk, but they still were determined to help him.

Source: pets.mail

The puppy underwent rehabilitation while volunteers were looking for a new home for him. That's when Terry saw his picture on social media. Buster made a full recovery, except for a slight limping. But his new owner wanted with all her heart to adopt Buster. The woman felt that they both were about to start a new chapter in life.

Source: pets.mail

The puppy follows Terry everywhere. They never part, even when Sanders goes to work. Buster helps her to meet customers in the store. But only customers with animals, of course. He is not interested in others.

Source: pets.mail

Dog spends his free time from "work" at Terry's country house chasing birds, catching fish, sunbathing. An old injury doesn't stop him from enjoying life to the fullest. Terry took the puppy in and helped him start a new, happy life. Or was it Buster who helped her? Probably, it's mutual support.

Source: pets.mail

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