The life of a stray cat named Finn was about to change. He was leaving his shelter in Greece to join his forever family in the United States. But just as his dream was about to come true, something scared him and he ran away.

Finn the cat. Source: Facebook

While desperately waiting for a home locked in a tiny kennel, Finn was lucky enough to be spotted by an American family. Cathy Varemitos took the cat on her trip to Boston to deliver him to his new family. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

A complicated plane trip

It all started with a plane trip. The cat had been tolerating the travel well until the plane took off. Terrified, he became unmanageable, trying to escape, screaming, and biting Cathy. He was so agitated that he managed to rip his carrier.

Finn became unmanageable during the flight. Source: Facebook

Varemitos had to wrap the cat in a blanket and stay with him in the lavatory for most of the flight. Upon landing, a new carrier was provided for the cat, allowing Varemitos to safely get off the plane.

Cathy was relieved to think that it was all over, and that all she had to do was reunite Finn with his family, who had come to pick him up at the airport.

Still nervous, the cat got scared in the parking lot

Robin Kelly and her daughter, Finn's new owners, were looking forward to meeting their new pet. On taking him in their arms they were moved to tears. But they should have waited until they got home to open the carrier, because even though he looked calm, Finn was still shocked.

Finn the cat. Source: Facebook

As a result, Finn was very sensitive and easily spooked. In the parking lot, being frightened at numerous cars, he jumped out of his mom's arms and vanished into thin air.

Kelly spent almost 2 months looking for her pet! Finn was simply nowhere to be found.

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A moving reunion

Miraculously, 8 weeks later Kelly received a call from a shelter. Her cat had been found and was waiting for her there. The woman could not believe it since the shelter was located 40 miles from the airport. Fortunately, his chip was already updated with the coordinates of his new owners.

A moving reunion. Source: Facebook

This is how Finn was finally able to make it to his forever home. Today, Finn and his family live happily together.

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