Cats are rather stubborn animals, one can't make them do anything if they don't want to. This stray cat named Oreo can be called a volunteer, because she's voluntarily taken a job at a nursing home in Cleveland, Ohio.

Oreo the cat. Source: petpop

For 5 years now, the cheeky black and white kitty has been sitting at the front desk as a receptionist, a full-time employee of the nursing home.

Oreo the cat. Source: petpop

The nursing home employees and residents have immediately fallen in love with Oreo, who acts as if she's lived in the facility her whole life.

Oreo the cat and a nursing home resident. Source: petpop

It's common practice to keep animals in nursing homes. It can be called psychotherapy, because animals brighten up the lives of the elderly.

Oreo the cat. Source: petpop

Many residents actually started to leave their rooms more often to play with the cat.

Oreo loves attention. Source: petpop

The furry beauty, in turn, gets the love and care she was longing for so long. One can say that Oreo the cat belongs to this place. The elderly are happy to give her all their free time.

Oreo the cat. Source: petpop

"They started sending me pictures of Oreo. In this picture she is sitting in the chair at the front desk," says Dana Karms, director of the nursing home.

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The nursery home security service employee. Source: petpop

Now Oreo is the facility's most valuable furry employee!

Source: petpop

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