This little guy was found in the woods in Matthews, North Carolina, with his eyes never closing. Hannah Erbe who rescued him didn't believe that the kitty would make it.

This little guy was found in the woods in Matthews. Source: lovemeow

After Erbe picked the kitten up, she immediately took the baby to the vet. It turned out that the kitten was born without upper eyelids and couldn't close his eyes. Because of this, there was a lot of debris in his eyes.

There was a lot of debris in the kitten's eyes. Source: lovemeow

"He was close to death when he was found, nothing but skin and bones, totally blind from all the discharge and debris in his eyes. My vet calls him a miracle kitten," Erbe recalls.

The baby was named Inky. He needed surgery to remove the excess hair around his eyes, because it was growing right into his pupil causing a lot of pain and discomfort.

A miracle kitten. Source: lovemeow

When at his new home, Inky immediately made friends with Jasper the dog, and since then has never left his side.

Inky the cat and Jasper the dog. Source: lovemeow

When Inky was operated on, the dog never left his side. He watched the cat the whole time and even helped him lick his face.

Best friends. Source: lovemeow

Once the two of them even took off Inky's recovery cone and chewed it up, showing that it was uncomfortable. But Inky couldn't do without it, so the vet had to put a new one on Inky.

Source: lovemeow

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Fortunately, Inky has made it. His vision will be impaired forever, but that didn't stop him from living and enjoying life to the fullest with his best friend Jasper.

Inky's vision will be impaired forever. Source: lovemeow

Inky enjoys life to the fullest with his best friend Jasper. Source: lovemeow

After all, his canine brother is around him 24/7.

Inseparable friends. Source: lovemeow

Just look at this handsome guy!

These beautiful eyes. Source: lovemeow

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Source: lovemeow

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