A man from St.Louis bought a house, but there was a big surprise waiting for him. Upon inspecting the property, he discovered the basement. There, in the darkness, a chained up dog was whining pitifully...

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The dog must have been abandoned by the previous homeowners. The new owner immediately reported it to rescuers.

The negligent former homeowners may have counted on the dog being found someday

It is still unknown how long the poor animal had been down it, but it was for several days at least since the basement floor was covered in feces and urine. Volunteers who arrived at the scene were surprised at how the dog greeted them.

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Despite being mistreated by the previous owners, the dog was eager to meet humans. She was happy to get out and kept jumping and licking the volunteers.

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She was named Jumping Bean because she is very energetic and friendly!

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How can one dump such a beauty?

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Source: boredpanda

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