Why is it that our furry friends are so much more kind-hearted than most people? And we, superior beings, should learn from animals how to show compassion and kindness. Today's story is about a dog with a heart of gold.

A cat named Luna and her kitten named Urmel ended up at the Tierheim-Oelzschau shelter in Germany. Both kitties were ill, especially the mother who was in a critical condition. The vet concluded that Luna wouldn't make it. As for the kitten, he was also incredibly weak, and due to an eye infection, he could not see.

The vets started to treat mother and son. Urmel was bottle fed, since Luna could not feed him due to her poor health. The baby was quickly on the mend, and the mother cat was happy to watch her kitten get better. But she was still too weak to fully care for the baby.

One day, the good-natured dog named Whiskey visited the feline family. The mama cat realized that the dog could be a great babysitter for her baby. She looked pleadingly at the shaggy-haired doggie, and the latter understood everything without words. The dog has become Urmel's daddy ever since. Whiskey would lick the baby, play with him, and cuddle him gently. All the shelter staff would come to their kennel to see how the big dog was taking care of the tiny kitten. That's something you rarely see among humans.

Whiskey the dog and Urmel the kitten. Source: mimimetr

The story doesn't end there. Eventually Luna made it and was able to return to her maternal duties. Of course, Whiskey continued to babysit Urmel, who grew to love him like his own dad.

Another joyous event awaited the trio. The mama cat and kitten, and their shaggy-haired nanny found loving owners, and were adopted together! That's how this unusual family has become even happier.

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Source: mimimetr

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