Janet Kelly, 40, a mom of four from Detroit, says the stray dog she had adopted several years ago saved her young daughter's life by leading firefighters into the burning house so they could find the baby girl in her crib.

The dog named Blue, whom she adopted two years ago from the Detroit Dog Rescue Center, proved to be a real hero when the thick smoke filled Kelly's two-story house.

"She went back into the house because she knew my youngest daughter Chantal was in the crib," Kelly told Fox 2 about the feat of her hero dog.

Source: lemurov

"The firefighters had to follow her, and when they got up to the first floor, they realized she had led them to my one-year-old daughter, who was still in her crib," the mom-of-four said with relief.

The family lost everything, including their home, but fortunately, they were able to raise more than $88,000 in an online fundraiser.

Kelly said that before donations allowed her to get a hotel room, she first had slept with her family in her van because dogs were not allowed in the shelter. She also said she wasn't going to leave Blue because she saved her daughter and without her there was no telling what would have happened to the whole family.

Source: lemurov

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