On discovering a lump on Hope's hindquarters, her owners were immediately concerned, and for a good reason. The dog was suffering from a serious infection and needed an emergency operation. However, the couple couldn't afford to pay the vet bill…

In Romilly-sur-Seine, France, Eva, 21, and Jérôme Fischer, 25, launched a fundraiser when they learned that their dog Hope was ill. Never did they know that the local community would step in to help them.

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More than a year ago, Hope the dog joined the Fischer family after the tragic death of her former owner in a car accident. Several months after the adoption, Eva learned that she was expecting a baby.

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The arrival of the baby has turned the life of the young parents upside down. But in addition to taking care of a newborn, they had to deal with a major problem. As they discovered an abnormal lump located at Hope's hindquarters, they had to take her to a vet.

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Hope was diagnosed with a uterus infection, which had spread to the ovaries. However, the infection had not affected Hope's kidneys, so there was still time for surgery.

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A $700 vet bill was a considerable sum for Eva and Jérôme: "I have just started my own plasterboard business and Eva is on unpaid parental leave. We can hardly afford it, as we have to pay our bills at the end of the month," he explained. So he came up with the idea of starting a Leetchi fundraiser. "We were hoping and imagining just a little help of about $50," Eva recalls.

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Thanks to the generosity of locals the couple was able to raise more than $500. This was the amount needed for Hope's surgery, who is now on the mend. Among the donors, there was "a friend of Hope's deceased owner."

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She made the largest donation, which was $100:

"It really touched us," Jérôme said. Relatives and strangers also helped the family. No words can describe how grateful Eva and Jérôme are.

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