It was difficult to find out where Brady, a 4-month-old puppy without his mother or siblings, had come from. But by pure chance, the animal knocked on the right door. He came across some good Samaritans, who changed his life.

On returning home residents of St. Louis, Missouri spotted a puppy on their stoop. This furry stranger, later named Brady, seemed lonely. So the family helped him out and contacted the Stray Rescue of St. Louis to get him to safety.

Brady the dog. Source: The Dodo

The center's manager, Donna Lochmann, responded to the request and arrived on the scene moments later. "He somehow knew that people weren't bad," Lochmann said. She saw that Brady was not fearful of humans, as if he knew that they wanted him.

Brady the dog. Source: The Dodo

A docile dog

Without difficulty, Donna placed him in her car and drove him to the shelter. The puppy was examined by a veterinarian, who confirmed that he was in good health. Brady stayed at the shelter for a while to get his shots. His sweet personality charmed the rescue team: "He opened up to everyone here right off the bat... He didn't seem really shy or scared," Donna said.

Sweet smile. Source: The Dodo

"He wasn’t here at the shelter for long"

Soon after his arrival, he was placed with a foster family, who gave him the love and care he had been longing for. According to his foster mom Hannah Nicolle , Brady is a "great dog", sociable with everyone: "Great with dogs, cats and kids," said Nicolle.

He is a lively doggie, who enjoys walks as well as playing at home. But he also knows how to stay calm when he accompanies his temporary owners to work. With all his qualities, Nicolle hopes he'll find the perfect forever home soon.

Source: The Dodo

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