Jerry's previous living conditions led to serious consequences. His hind legs were so deformed that he struggled to move properly. Fortunately, he ended up at a shelter, the staff of which hoped to give him a chance at a better life.

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Jerry was rescued from an animal hoarder who kept 17 dogs and other exotic animals. The doggie was taken in by the RSPCA in Cornwall, UK. His condition was so dramatic that volunteers were "heartbroken" when they met him. Sammy Howard, the charity's head of media, marketing, and fundraising, recounts Jerry's story.

Jerry "walked like a spider because his knees had fused in the wrong places," Howard recalls. The black-coated Chihuahua had a dislocated kneecap, which caused a significant deformity in his back legs. This condition is painful, and the team at the center "could not imagine the pain he must have been in."

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A necessary surgery

According to the vet, only a surgery could help the little dog to live a normal life again. The operation was to be followed by several months of physiotherapy. Jerry also had to be treated for an ulcer in his left eye.

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In the end, the estimated vet bill exceeded $2,000, a considerable sum for a non-profit organization. But the RSPCA staff wanted to do everything they could to help Jerry. So they started an online fundraising campaign to help the doggie.

Mobilizing the community

On a specific platform, the organization shared Jerry's story and his problem followed by pictures of his X-rays, showing the seriousness of the situation. They set the goal of raising about $2200.

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Generous people responded to this appeal and the donations kept coming in. In the end, the RSPCA raised about $100 more than they had hoped for. Jerry, who was on painkillers until then, was able to have his surgery.

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A spokesperson for the humane society thanked all those who have participated in the fundraising campaign: "Jerry is doing great! He underwent surgery and is recovering nicely. His foster family has decided to adopt him, so he now has a long, happy, healthy life ahead of him."

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