The owner of Baby the cat had spent several hours looking for him before she found him at the bottom of a deep well. The woman had no other choice than to contact firefighters.

In Chantenay-Villedieu, France, a dozen firefighters came to help a cat that had fallen down a 25-foot well near a local school.

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One winter afternoon, Baby ventured outside his house. But contrary to his habit, that day he didn't come home. Concerned about this unusual behavior, his owner went looking for him. Several hours had passed before she realized that the cat got trapped in a well.

Urgent help

25 feet separated the woman from her pet. The woman couldn't reach the cat, so she contacted the local fire department. The Group of recognition and intervention in dangerous environments arrived quickly at the scene. It was joined by experienced divers and other responders.

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They started the rescue operation around 6 pm. The pet was recovered safely and the well was finally filled in, because of the risk it posed to students. Fortunately, Baby returned safely to his owner.

Source: pets-dating

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