The first time Lindsay Valentine saw a fox in her yard, she was puzzled. She had never seen animals of prey before, especially so close to her house. The next day, Valentine saw the fox again. This time the animal was walking on the porch with her kids.

Source: The Dodo

Source: The Dodo

"I have a doorbell camera with a motion sensor, so I was watching them through that," Valentine says. "I assumed they wouldn't be under the porch for long, but in the morning, there were about 100 motion notifications from the camera overnight. When I looked outside, I saw a litter of little foxes wandering around the yard."

Source: The Dodo

Valentine watched in awe as her yard turned into a kindergarten for foxes. She counted nine animals outside. The mother fox moved the kits to a den she had made under the porch of Lindsay's house.

Valentine would meet the fox family several times a day, bringing them fresh water and toys. It was a unique opportunity for her to see the fox family growing up.

Even though Valentine owned the yard, she was careful not to disturb the animals so they would feel comfortable and safe and continue to stay close by.


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"I didn't use the front door anymore so I wouldn't scare them," Valentine said. "When I walked out the garage door to the car, Mom and the kids would see me and they didn't seem to care. Mom wasn't afraid of me for some reason. I didn't invade their space, I guess the fox didn't find me a threat."

Source: The Dodo

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One day the mother fox got scared and stopped coming into the yard so often. Valentine knew it wouldn't last forever, but she was so grateful that she was able to watch the fox family who was renting her yard.

Source: The Dodo

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