Patches the cat weighs a whopping 40.3lbs, which makes him one of the world's heaviest cats ever recorded. That's about as much as the average 5-year-old boy weighs. He has been prescribed a special diet and exercise to help him lose weight.

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In Richmond, Virginia, a cat named Patches has recently found a new family. The pet was rescued from the destructive influence of its previous owner.

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According to Richmond Animal Care and Control, animal rescue center in Richmond, Patches has been prescribed a special diet and exercise to help him lose weight.

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The cat, now 8 years old, has become overweight due to excessive consumption of junk food. It took two people to lift the animal.

Richmond Animal Care and Control officials posted on Facebook that Patches was looking for a new home.

"Did you wake up today and say, "let's adopt the largest cat anyone has ever seen"? If so, we have the cat for you," the post read.

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Anyone interested and willing to make a commitment to help Patches reach a safe and healthy weight was asked to send in applications with information about their home. The post said the cat was prescribed a special diet and exercise plan. The animal was neutered and chipped.

The rescue center also shared photos showing how fat the cat was. His backside reached a whopping 10 inches at the waist.

Source: Facebook

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A few days later, Richmond Animal Care and Control reported that Patches had found a new family.

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