More than a mere companion, Fluffy the cat has become his owner's rescuer, after the latter had fallen in his bathroom. By an unlikely gesture, the pet cat helped the man to contact the emergency services.

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A two-colored cat named Fluffy showed remarkable intelligence, when his owner Ron Williams from Michigan, Sturgis, slipped in a shower.

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The 84-year-old man had spent 16 hours lying helpless on the floor. Unfortunately, because of his position, he was unable to move. Especially since he normally used a walker to get around, which was out of reach. Helpless, he finally received an unexpected help, that of Fluffy.

A beautiful bond

Ron had adopted the cat some time before: "I looked at him, and hey, I just fell in love with him," he recalled. That first meeting marked the beginning of a great friendship.

As roommates, the two have learned to communicate in their own way. They even started a little game when Ron's cell phone rang. With each call, he would look at his cat companion and say "ring-a-ding."

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"What if he hadn't been there with me?"

Over time, Fluffy associated the mobile with his owner's words. That's why, when the latter found himself immobilized, he tried to call out to his cat by saying "ring-a-ding". The man did not expect his plan to work. But not hoping for anything, he tried anyway.

Suddenly, surprising as it may seem, Fluffy grabbed the cell phone and brought it to Ron. The 80-year-old was able to contact emergency services and they put an end to his ordeal. Fortunately, the man had no serious injuries. He is extremely grateful for the heroic act of his rescuer: "He will never be away from me, until the day I die," he concluded.

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