A stray dog named Poldo befriended kids from Sardinia, Italy, and would meet them every day after school to walk them home. However, the presence of a stray dog on the school grounds was not to everyone's liking.

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One day Poldo didn't show up. All the students and the entire teaching staff of the school knew him, so everyone got alarmed and started looking for the dog. It turned out that some parents filed a complaint about Poldo, as they were concerned about the safety of their children. The dog was caught and taken to one of the municipal shelters.

Source: pets.mail

A family in Rome learned Poldo's touching story and decided to adopt the dog. Poldo, so much loved by the children, won their hearts at once. Elena and Bau simply could not leave him at the shelter. The dog's kindness returned to him manyfold, and now the furry babysitter has his own home and loving family.

Would you adopt a stray dog?

Source: pets.mail

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